Our Services

Our Services

Personal Banking

QuickBank Ordinary Account is your perfect medium for personal deposits, daily business transactions and remittances. Ideal for: Individuals (singly or jointly) Groups –Groups and registered entities be separated from the individual, Registered entities

Business Banking

This is a convenient and flexible medium for a range of transactions. With this account you are free to make deposits, receive money, make payments, make withdrawals and set up standing orders. Ideal for: Individuals (singly or jointly) Groups Registered entities Groups and registered entities be separated from the individua

Institutional Banking

Institutions Account This account allows institutions dealing in non-profitable ventures such as churches, public schools and self-help groups to manage their funds efficiently. One Great Feature About This Account Quickbank has introduced an innovative “multiple approval” feature that eliminates the need for account signatories to physically meet to withdraw cash or co-sign cheques. The feature allows account holders to use their PINs as their account signatures. Through the “multiple approval” feature users first originate a request to withdraw cash on their Quickbank menu. The request is then sent to other account signatories who in turn enter their individual PIN to approve the withdrawal request, making it easier for chamas and joint account holders to transact.

What We Do

We are your partner. We share your vision. Go Ahead! We are here to cover as a person, and your business and to safeguard your money and investments. bank with us now.

Money Transfer

Quickbank offering money transfer services in Kenya according to your needs. Remit money to your friend & family members in Kenya Instantly.

Multi Currency

With a multi currency account, you can send and receive cash in different currencies and avoid paying for the exchange rate between those payments.

Exchange Currency

With our currency converter, you can view today's exchange rate of various foreign currencies. Learn how much your foreign currency is worth it

Fixed Deposit

Secure your future with a fixed deposit account with best interest rates from Standard Chartered Bank.

Apply Loan

Reach your full potential with unsecured personal loans in Kenya that offer high loan limit, flexible repayment terms and affordable interest rates

Payment Request

Enjoy secure, convenient and low-cost payments with real-time settlement when you use Mobile Money for your business